Lyopor is ready to use bio-mimicking 3D collagen scaffold for real 3D cell cultivation.

About Lyopor Pure

Lyopor is ready to use collagen bio-mimicking 3D scaffold for real 3D cell cultivation.

Today's cutting-edge research in the field of cell therapy, stem cell research, drug development and other uses not only modern instruments and analytical methods, but faster results are brought also by using new materials. Part of such research must therefore be a scaffold of these materials, which must give them an environment as natural as possible, which most closely resembles real tissue. The best scaffold is such scaffold, which is inspired by a real tissue.

A natural basis for realistic 3D collagen tissue is porous, so we were inspired by nature and created a unique porous collagen scaffold LYOPOR that meets all these requirements. Collagen, as the cornerstone of intercellular structure, is favorable for the cells naturally and encourages their development. Spatial arrangement of collagen fibers with a suitable porosity copies 3D spatial tissue structure, which gives the cells natural space for growth.

LYOPOR is advanced tool for true 3D cell culture for in vitro drug development and due to possible modifications as well as for many other applications. LYOPOR is supplied directly into sterile culture plates, so that does not require handling prior to use. Just unpack it, seed cells and add culture medium. By this simple procedure LYOPOR saves time not only in the implementation of the tests themselves, but highly standardizes their process. This reduces the number and duration of the test and brings considerable cost savings.

LYOPOR is compatible with commonly used analytical methods